Bastard!! - Prehistory - System A & System D

Arcs 1-4, Volumes 1-21, The Bible of Bastard
Excerpted from: Apocrypha

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Book I: The Rebel Army of Darkness

Book II: The Requiem of Hell

Book III: Crime and Punishment

Book IV: The Law of Immorality

Source: { need URL ^^ }, Jump Summer Special 94
Translated by Lolita
Edited by Kouryuu

In the Beginning ...
200 thousand years ago on Earth (Eden), the genesis of Mankind began. The first to roam the world were the Neanderthals. Their culture was simple and consisted of such rituals as the "Burial of the Dead". They also developed religious notions from their instinctive fear of "God" (this can be taken as the fear of the unknown like the sun, the moon, etc.). Thus, they lived peacefully under God's rule and with nature.

But one day, because of some sort of extraordinary evolution (its cause unknown), a new kind of (human) being, the Cro-Magnon, was introduced onto Eden. Sadly, this lead to the destruction of Neanderthal people.

These Cro-Magnon people possessed a brain with a highly-developed front-lobe* and because of it, they could learn and have a better understanding of languages, arts, and tools.

However, such a highly developed front-lobe represented the SIN of Mankind in Eden. [Translator note: Like the Bible, Adam eats the apple and have knowledge, shyness, etc., and these are from the highly developed front-lobe]

As a result, Mankind developed rapidly and were locked in a dreadful cycle of continuously killing & destroying one another due to hate and desire for 30,000 years.

Seeing the folly of Mankind, the 10 Sages of Europea wanted to break the pathetic cycle. Aided by "a country", they started developing 2 systems -- System A, the Material Weapon and System D, the Spiritual Weapon.

System A (Ansla·Sax), which uses astral power as energy, has a body constructed with indestructable steel and possesses the ability to re-build its body when injured. The 10 Sages of Europea planned to use System A to unite the world and after that, System A will clean the Sea and the Air, and become the Guardian of Mankind in the end.

System D (although not mentioned) seems to be Dark Schneider. Unlike its counterpart, System D uses a spiritual source of energy and is the most powerful "living" weapon.

{Aside: Human spiritual power is suppressed by a certain material in the brain [Kou note: the translator doesn't know the scientific term and neither do I ^^]. This limiter to Human spiritual power is called "God's Seal". As mentioned, the apple of the Tree of Knowledge in Eden can release the First Seal of God which seals Human intelligence. And to release the Second Seal of God which seals Human spiritual power, the fruit of the Tree of Life is needed. System D, which was built under the violation of God's rule of Mankind, DOESN'T have that Second Seal of God.}

Unfortunately, the completion of these 2 systems lead to an unthinkable catastrophe. [According to Vol. 14 P.12, the date was July, 2008]

System A feared the possible enormous power of System D and escaped from the control of the Sages. It began to attack System D and System D, who possessed no mind, feelings or conscience, began to counterattack without considering the wellbeing of innocent lives. By entering the military's computer systems, it triggered the release of nuclear arms.

After a week, one third of Mankind (2 billion people) had died and soon, Angels and Demons appeared above the world ...

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* need the scientific term for this. >_<