Bastard!! - Book Two: The Requiem of Hell

Volumes 5-8?, Volume 8 Synopsis
Excerpted from: Apocrypha

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The first half of tankoubon 8 actually contains the final 4 chapters of Book 1 but since the summary page covered the entire book, I won't write about them here. ^^;

* PLEASE NOTE that following may not be entirely accurate as my knowledge of both the Japanese and Chinese languages is not great. >_< I apologize for any situational errors in advance. Corrections are always welcomed. ^_^


Nightfall descends on a small cottage. A child asks for his grandfather to tell him a story. The grandfather agrees and tells the boy to fetch the storybook but the child refuses saying that he wants to hear the story of "The Truth".

"The story of 'The Truth?'," the old man asks.

The young boy happily explains that the one he wants to hear is the ancient tale that has been passed down from generation to generation. There is a moment of silence before the grandfather agrees. So begins the legend ...

The story takes place in a time that is very similar to the world of the past where there were no trees on the surface, no monsters, no giants ...

[T___T There is a lot of dictionary work I have to do for this one if I'm to complete it since I want to translate most of what the grandfather says. -_- But basically, it's the tale of the destruction of mankind and the battle between the Dragon Knight and Ansla·Sax.]

End Intermission

Chapter 1

[There is actually a part before this with Ansla·Sax and a narration of Kall=Su's conquest of the kingdoms. I will get to those eventually. ^^; But in the meantime, here is the meat of the latter half of tankoubon 8:]

The leader of the 12 Masen Shougun, Yngwie Von Malmsteen, stands alone on a hilltop overlooking the kingdom of Aian Meide, reminding himself of the Masen Shougun's duty to find the final seal. His thoughts are interrupted by a messenger who brings news that the rebel group of Samurai and peasants are raiding their food storage areas for rations.

While the Samurai fight off the defenses, the civilians are successful in reaching the horde of food in the compound. They all rejoice at the sight before them but this moment of celebration is shortlived as all of them are quickly disposed of by Yngwie. The bloodcurling screams are heard outside the building which immediately prompts Joshua Velahia and his Samurai to investigate.

The horrifying scene which greets them upon their arrival shocks all members and enrages Vai Steave, who instantly demands revenge but is restrained by his comrades.

Joshua and Yngwie have a conversation which ends in a challenge to a duel. As both men prepare to fight, a voice calls for Joshua to wait.

End Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Kai Harn appears and offers to take Joshua's place in the battle stating that Aian Meide cannot afford to lose the Samurai leader.

The duel begins and Yngwie charges toward Kai, putting her on the defensive right away as she is knocked down. (The onlooking Samurai are in awe of how quickly Yngwie can move.) As the Masen Shougun leader returns to attack again, Kai launches one of her spells at him which slowly encases him in stone.

At this point, Kai demands to know why Yngwie affilated himself with Kall=Su even when he knew the methods the king used were cruel and unjust. Yngwie merely retorts saying that Kai has no right to judge Kall=Su and ridicules her for playing a heroine since she is still wicked at heart.

Kai Harn is stunned by her enemy's words and grows irritated as her friends question whether or not Yngwie's accusations were true. As Kai thrashes about in her anger, Yngwie takes the opportunity to free himself. Catching his opponent off guard, he prepares to strike.

However, a kekkai imprisons Yngwie preventing him from completing the blow. The Masen Shougun wonders how this could be considering the Samurai do not use such spells. He proceeds to demand to know who was responsible for erecting the barrier.

The bystanders standing about murmur knowingly that it was "her" -- that it was "Yoko". Yoko's name echoes throughout the crowd as they move aside to allow the young lady to make her appearance.

Yngwie stands in disbelief questioning the possibility that Tia Nort Yoko was still alive. [Kai Harn and Yoko(?) say something at this point but I don't understand what. ~>_<~]

End Chapter 2

Chapter 3

[Oh, the irony that I can read the title of this chapter but not half of what's being said. >P]

The Shougun leader stares at the figure in front of him and wonders how this could be. Didn't she perish in the that explosion ...? The more he thinks, the more he finds himself believing that it is indeed Yoko standing before him. (As well, Yngwie is utterly captivated by Yoko's beauty. ^^;)

Yoko gives the signal for her friends to complete their task of taking the much-needed foodstuff. As the Samurai and common folk trudge their way through the exit with the goods, Yngwie calls for them to wait, reaching out to them. He instinctively retreats his hand as a powerful discharge shocks him.

Yoko cautions him from coming in contact with the kekkai. Eventually though, the barrier will disappear.

[Now this is the part that I can't exactly make out but here's the gist of things -- well, from what I understand:

End Chapter 3