Bastard!! - Book I: The Rebel Army of Darkness

Volumes 1-4?
Excerpted from: Apocrypha

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Note: Yami no hangyaku gundan hen is basically the story arc covered by the anime OVA series.

When the Kingdom of Meta=llicarna falls under attack by ruthless invaders seeking one of the ancient seals that would unlock a terrible force, High Priest Geo Nort Sort sees no alternative but to liberate the dark wizard whom he imprisoned 15 years ago in the body of his foster son, Rusie Renren. With the help of his daughter, Tiara Nort Yoko, DarkĚSchneider is free once more.

DĚS must now fight to regain the loyalty of his former 4 disciples, the Shitennou, who are, unfortunately, the ones trying to capture and break the seals of AnslaĚSax, the god of darkness, for their own selfish purposes.

The wizard manages to win back the Ninja Master Gara, and his beloved foster daughter Arshes Nei. Not very soon afterward, Meta=llicarna is under attack once again by evil minions, each possessing an artifact of darkness. DĚS, with Nei and Gara at his side, defeat the opposition. The cursed objects (they're actually listed as being magic weapons ^^) are later stashed in the catacombs of the Meta=llicarna castle for safe keeping by Geo. Alas, this turned out to be a grave mistake.

Abigail, who was also a Shittenou and very much still after awakening AnslaĚSax, travels to Meta=llicarna to 'receive' the 3 artifacts as well as obtaining the final seal (which is embedded in Princess Sheera's abdomen!). However, his efforts are momentarily hindered by Arshes Nei. As Nei proved to be both a formidable and troublesome foe, Abigail began the incantation to unite the demonic items to form a powerful exo-skeleton for himself.

With the aid of this new body, Abigail defeats Arshes Nei and would have killed her had it not been for the intervention of Dark Schneider. DĚS is horribly wounded during his battle with his former comrade (losing an arm and a leg) and unfortunately for DĚS, he can't regenerate his body like the organic armor donned by the enemy.

Finally, after a gruelling fight, Dark Schneider succeeds in destroying the unholy armor yet at the cost of losing half his body (^^). However, victory was still in the air. Abigail, unscathed by the destruction of his exo-body, snags Yoko and restrains Gara and Nei in the process as well. Free of possible retaliation from the 2 Shitennou, he continues to attack the disabled DĚS.

Finally, Abigail taunts with a question but his foe's answer only caused Yoko to declare her dislike of DĚS and her attempt at suicide by trying to collapse the ledge (at least, that's what I get from it ^^). The earth crumbles beneath Abigail and both he and Yoko plunge toward the ground. Abigail's descent is broken as he is impaled onto a pointed roof of one of the castle's towers but Yoko continues her fall.

As Dark Schneider loses consciousness, his last thoughts are of Yoko and he accordingly sends his spirit(?) to save the young girl.

Far away, deep within the castle of Judas Kingdom, 3 individuals stand, surrounding a crystal ball, watching the outcome of the destructive battle and discussing it amongst themselves. Meanwhile, treading down the empty halls of the castle alone is Kall=Su, the remaining Shitennou. Stopping at the holding chamber of AnslaĚSax, he looks up at the god and wonders ...

- End of Book 1 -